Help required for birthday cake.


My stepfather's birthday is approaching quickly, and thus I decided to bake 'im a cake. But not any cake, you see, for he is quite picky 'bout the things he likes to eat. It simply must be something different from most of the cakes eaten in my country, especially because he dislikes sweet condensed milk, dulce de leche and heavy cream.

He gave me a suggestion, some time ago, of a simple cake filled with some sort of buttercream made from butter and vanilla pudding, and it did sound delicious, but I have not found any recipes containing that--or I didn't understand they were exactly what I was looking for.

So, what I'm truly asking is: a delicious recipe containing either a simple cake that will be layered, or a cake with a not-so-strong flaovour, so as to really let the buttercream shine; the buttercream recipe, containing strong/sharp vanilla flavours, or some sort of buttercream that involves fruits such as strawberries.

I thank you in advance for the help I may or may not receive in this topic, but it was worth a try.

If it helps, my stepfather was born in Czech Republic.


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