Help - In-Laws coming into Philly Area!

Ok, I could use a little help. Here's my situation: In-laws coming into town (Central NJ) on 6/15-6/18. We're going into Philly for the weekend. They're from Maine, in their early 80's. He likes meat-and-potatoes, she eats lighter, possibly fish. My wife and I are 'Junior Foodies' - we like good food, but not fancypants 'cuisine' - we'll both eat a great steak, or some great Italian, but we're not into huge plates with comically small amounts of food, nor 'fusion' cooking, for example - no real 'adventure' foods.

I'm expecting a max of about $200 for a nice dinner, and I would also love to hear about great lunch and breakfast options - I'm expecting 4-6 meals total, not looking to go TOO far .

Now with all these crazy caveats (no allergies, so that's a bonus), do any of you experts out there have recommendations on places in the central Philly area (Convention center, Rittnehouse Square, maybe as far as Penn's Landing). Thanks for the help!!


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