Care Package Ideas

Okay SE  Friends- Looking for some advice... An old HS friend of mine (haven't actually seen her in prob 20 years, but we do keep in touch) recently travelled about 3,000 miles to have a very specific surgery performed. She will be off her feet (literally) for at least 2 months. She is "living" in an Extended-Stay type hotel, will be having therapy take place in her hotel room, & will have various friends/family members with her on occasion. There will be times, however, when she will also be on her own. I'm not able to swing a visit, but I have promised to send Care Packages throughout her stay. I've got some good ideas, but am looking for inspiration... Don't want  all sweets- food items that will ship well, could sub for meals, or maybe easy-prep things once she is semi-mobile... Any suggestions welcome- Thanks in advance!!!- Chris


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