Boiled my cast iron skillet dry - now what?

After using my skillet, my cleaning routine is to boil with water to remove any food bits and grease, rinse under hot water while scrubbing with a brush, rinse, dry, oil and store. Well, I got distracted and the next thing I know, my skillet boiled dry. It must have sat that way for a few minutes as it was very brown by the time I smelled it burning.

I let it cool, rinsed it under hot water, and then removed from water and proceeded to scrub and scrub with salt, sponges and a very stiff brush. It looked clean, with the browning gone, so I re-seasoned following Kenji's instructions. Now, the color is black again and the surface is shiny, but the bottom still looks rough and patchy. I haven't tried cooking anything on it yet.

Do I need to scrub again? With something stronger like sandpaper? (Eeek!) Re-season? Cook on it and then decide?

I looked through the articles on cast iron from this site, but I always value SE readers' feedback. Thanks!


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