Bar/Lounge in Manhattan for Networking Event?

Hi Everybody!

It's SE Writer Dennis Lee (I write mostly for Chicago, so you might not know me). I could use a hand right now! This is also my first Talk posting, so hi everyone!

A bunch of my coworkers will be attending a big computing expo at the Javits Center in mid-June, and we wanted to host an after-hours networking event at a lounge or sports bar for about 25 people. This'll be relatively casual, a place to drink, eat, perhaps watch sports. The goal is to show clients we can relax and have a good time.

We're thinking a bar or sports bar with an area for people to kick back and relax, but is fairly modern, with the ability to talk over beer, and it can be pretty loud. A trendy lounge will work well too.

As I mentioned, the event is at the Javits Center and I was hoping you guys could suggest a place I can call early next week. I don't know NYC at ALL (I know, I know).

Anyway, suggestions would be REALLY welcome. I didn't want to pick a random place and get roasted for it.




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