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I run a small bakery/catering business. I sell at farmer's market, by order (Sept to Dec is my busy season) and teach cooking and baking in peoples' homes (and starting in August I'll be in a commercial kitchen) or mine if it's more convenient. Anyway I need some baking inspiration. I've been in a rut of the same old same old and I'm anxious to shake things up. I've been asking my customer's what they'd like, though they're a loyal bunch they're not terribly imaginative. I need suggestions! I don't want anythiing too crazy b/c I don't want to get stuck with it, but I'm going to go crazy selling chocolate chip cookies and banana bread! Just to give you idea of what I normally produce: oatmeal kitchen sink cookies, rocky road brownies, coconut corn muffins, strawberry cake, snickerdoodles, pies, almond chocolate chunk cookies, french bread, sticky buns etc... I need items that will hold without refrigeration. Thanks for any inspiration and ideas you can give me!


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