Wine tasting picnic ideas

It's Spring Barrel in Yakima, Wa. This is basically a party at all the wineries. The wine they made in the spring hasn't yet been bottled, so you have the chance to taste out of the barrel and even preorder cases of your favorites. It is so much fun! Even better, a bunch of my family and friends from California are coming up here to attend. I want to pack a good picnic lunch but ran into a few problems.... these include a diabetic, a vegetarian, a low carber, and a small pocketbook on my side of it all! I don't have enough money to make a million different things, so I need help! also this is not a sit down picnic. nothing that needs forks or even necessarily plates... so far i am planning on making popcorn (cheap, and I can't drink wine without it), and bottled water....i


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