What else to do with Sumac?

I went to Savory Spice Shop. There's one near me in Princeton, NJ. It's like Penzey's. I've never been to a Penzey's store, but I've ordered from their catalog. I like the selection at Savory better.

I'm going back as soon as I have some money to spare, but here's what I got so far:

Sumac - Alton Brown had did a quick mention about this on potatoes and I've been craving a baked potato for days. This has a nice lemony, tangy flavor and I love it. What else would you try it in?

Urfa Pepper (lsot pepper) - Earthy, smokey, amazing. I love them! Not very spicy. They also had Aleppo (sp?) pepper from the same region, but those ones I believe were sun dried and do not have that earthy, smokey flavor like these. Comes from Turkey.

Tomato Powder - Tastes just like you'd imagine. Great on popcorn, or bread, but the guy at the store says he puts it on pizza too. I put them in eggs this morning, but they'd be excellent on Grilled Cheese.

I only got small bags, but definitely going back for a whole bottle of those.

The other stuff I got, but did not try yet:

Piri-Piri Style Spice - No clue what I'm going to do with this yet.. beef I'm thinking.

Harissa Spice - I'm going to try mixing this with some mayo and making a fruit compote also. I saw something on the Serious Eats Hot Dog of The Week I'm going to make something similar.

Berbere Ethiopian Seasoning - Smells a little sweet. Haven't decided on what to do with that yet.

What I liked about this spice place is that they carry a bunch of different salts (that was the only thing with truffle), chili powders, 4 or 5 kinds of paprika, and I loved their ground peppers (I already mentioned two above, but they had habanero, ghost chili, and 8 or 9 others).


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