Vaporware Restaurant

In technology terms, vaporware is a product that is annouced but is never released. I bring this up because every day on my way to work, I pass a half renovated restaurant that says "Coming Soon" and has said that for the past six months. In its previous life, it was a small burger joint that closed a few years ago and sat vacant until a little while ago. About eight months ago, the for rent sign was removed and remodeling began. The exterior of the building was painted and new signage was put up exclaiming that the new restaurant would serve Egyptian fast food. There was newspapers put in the windows that are still there and it doesn't look like there was much work done in months. I really don't know that much about what it takes to open a restaurant, but it doesn't seem that a small 30 seat fast food joint place should take this long. I'm assuming that the owners of the restaurant are paying rent on the place so for every day the it's not open, it's losing money. So is this restaurant vaporware or will it pull a Duke Nukem Forever and eventually open? Have you heard of a restaurant being annouced, but it never opened?


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