Sous Vide Black Garlic

I was looking at today's article on unorthodox pizza toppings and one of them was black garlic. I've never had the stuff but I love garlic and I tend to love fermented things. I live in NYC so it would be no great challenge to go to chinatown and buy some, but I looked up ordering it just for the hell of it and noticed that it is, of course, really expensive. I then looked up how to make it, and the methods I saw mostly consisted of keeping it at 130-140 in an airtight container for 40 days, citing such methods as put them in an off-oven (where the pilot light will keep them warm) or a rice cooker on the 'warm' setting. But when I hear low temperature for a long time and air-tight, I think sous vide. Is there any reason I couldn't do this via the beer-cooler sous vide method, provided I kept the water updated? Is there some scientific or practical reason why this wouldn't work?


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