Off Brand/Thrift groceries/Store Brands

We often hear about gourmet things and specialty items on Serious Eats. Thanks to Serious Eats I know people who have eaten Foie which makes me feel cool. I know that while some people can still eat Foie these days, others are tightening their belts thanks to the job crisis and single income or low income families. Thanks to the job crisis, my husband and I do most of our shopping at EuroSpin; a place that doesn't have name brands but all things made within a single country's distance from here. Made in Italy, Germany, Austria, or Slovenia (my favorite place in Europe). We've found that their dairy products are FAR superior than what we find in the Supermarket. Their coffee is good, their canned foods and preserved fruits and vegetables are awesome, and their vegetables might not be pretty but they're great quality. Through trial and error we've understood what kinds of products we need to buy there to save money, and what we need to buy at the Supermarket.

Do you shop at discount stores to save money? What kinds of things have you found around that are not known brands that are better than the usual brands? Do you buy groceries in more than one place like I do?


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