I need a primer on basmati rice

I was at home last week and found that my parents had purchased a sizable bag of basmati rice. They are strictly jasmine rice people and complained that they don't like basmati. They went so far as to suggest throwing it out.

I realized that they are cooking it exactly the same way they cook jasmine rice and expecting to get the same results: namely, tossing it in the rice cooker with the same rice:water ratio they always use. The main complaint is that its "too dry" or "not sticky like jasmine rice". I think they just expect all types of rice to be interchangeable (which is a whole other issue entirely...)

I feel mildly foolish asking this, but googling turns out different instructions. So tell me, how do I make basmati rice? And what should do you do to make it interesting? Soak or not? Water : Rice ratio? Wash? Rice cooker?


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