How do you say 'Thank You' with food?

We often hear about people in hospitals or injuries or illnesses and the people in their lives who want to do something special for them to let them know they care. This is a concept that I hold very dear to me because food is one of the things that I do best and with the most love. But what about when someone does something for you and you want to say Thank You?

Last week the father of one of my English students came to my rescue at their house when I left the lights on and my car battery went dead. I'm taking him and his family a big bag of cookies as a little something to thank them. A few weeks ago one of my husband's co-workers went out of his way to take my husband's phone calls and handle some things so he could take me to a doctor's appointment. I sent my husband to work the next day with home made pear and strawberry hand pies to share with his co-worker.

How do you say Thank You?


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