Do I need pickle rehab?

I just finished my dinner - a simple tuna salad pita sandwich and some cold sides. This humble meal included:

-capers -garlic dills -pickled okra -garlic-stuffed olives -pickled watermelon rind

Additionally, my fridge contains:

-bread and butter slices -sweet pickle relish -pickled mushrooms -pimento-stuffed olives -Indian mango/lime pickle -sauerkraut -radish kimchi

Is this reasonable, or am I doomed to a life as the crazy pickle lady? I have visions of myself stumbling down an alley wearing a housecoat, barefoot and wild-eyed, clutching a jar of brine...

If you can't reassure me, at least share your stash of brined & fermented goods so I don't feel so alone.


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