Disappointment in a Wrapper

Has anyone else ever been disappointed by a candy bar or other foodstuff that you thought would be really tasty?

I was at the mall yesterday and came upon a candy store that was liquidating due to imminent closure and was selling everything at 50% off. Naturally, I had to see what they had left, and was thankful to find a few rolls of Necco Wafers (yup, I am one of the five people in the world that love those things) as well as a few oddball candy bars that I had never tried before, but had heard really good things about. So, since they were cheap, I decided to pick up a few of them to try, including the Big Hunk, a giant Charleston Chew and Moon Pies.

I tried the Charleston Chew last night: A large candy bar of basically just nougat with a chocolatey (note: not chocolate) coating over all of it. I was expecting something like a Mars bar, but perhaps slightly different, but was disappointed to find that the nougat really lacked any flavor and the chocolatey coating was at best "meh." Not that it didn't taste faintly of chocolate, just that it didn't wow me at all. I ate the whole thing, but afterward I really wish that I had chosen something else and not wasted my money.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? You hear great things about an old school/oddball food that you happen upon and then realize that it really isn't "all that"? And do you think that it's because the people that recommend it are thinking about fond memories, rather than actual tastiness, or something else?


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