Best Cooler for Sous Vide

I was trying to find a really good beer cooler in which to do sous vide. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews, most of which did center around temperature retention, but naturally they focused on the power of the cooler to keep things cold. I ended up going with a cooler that was in my price range, just about exactly the right size, and with some excellent consumer reviews of its ability to keep things cold. The cooler, nevertheless, kinda sucks for sous vide. It loses about 3.15 degree farenheit per hour if it starts at 140 degrees, and what's worse, during my first cooking project water evaporated through the plug in the lid's vacuum seal and got inside the lid, so probably it's a little ruined since now there is air and water in the lid. I'm disappointed (it's the Igloo Ice Cube 14-can capacity cooler). I think I'm going to be able to return it since I think the lid thing is a big defect, but can anyone recommend a superior cooler? All the fanciest and best ones are just too huge.


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