Alternative Proteins

After looking through the comments of the recent video posted on killing and preparing Iguana, I got to thinking about the kinds of meats I was raised on. Because I grew up on a farm in rural Oregon, we weren't stuck with just Chicken, Pork, Fish and Beef. We often ate Goat and Sheep, Duck, Rabbit, Wild Game, Pheasent, Guinea Fowl... A few times (after scaring the hell out of myself or my grandmother) my granddad killed a rattlesnake near or in our barn. We ate them because it would have been a terrible waste to just let the Coyotes have it. I really enjoyed Alligator when we were on vacation in Florida. Here in Italy is common to eat Horse, Donkey, and Wild Boar.

Whats the stigma behind eating other animals besides the ones you can always find in the grocery store? Why is it such a disgusting thought? I don't eat horse because I grew up with horses and horses are working animals, but whats so bad about Iguana or Snake?

Please don't respond with nastiness. I don't want to hear a bunch of 'UGH WHATS YOUR PROBLEM' kind of things. We're grownups here.


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