40th B-Day/ Housewarming Party

OK, SE'rs - I might be WAY off base by asking here, but... DH is turning 40 in July, & we have lived in our 1st home together for over 2 years (& never had a Housewarming Party)... I want to combine the 2 & have a really fun time doing so...inviting about 70, but planning on about 50 to actually show (plus a few Wee Ones).

I'm thinking of doing a "Come & Go" Dinner Buffet/ Check Out the House from about 4 or 5- 7 p.m. Bring the kids, visit, Family Time... Cake Cutting & a Toast of some sort around 7-7:15... Around 8, request that it be Adults only, as the Music will be Cranked Up & the Adult Beverages will be Flowing...(Pool Table, Darts, Blackjack, Fire Pit, etc will get going) Is this Rude?!? I'm thinking not, as it gives people w/ kiddos a chance to either come early WITH them or later without- or both, as most live nearby.

Also, if I do the Buffet Dinner, I want a "Theme"- ideas for: Italian, Mexican (Tex-Mex), Asian, BBQ/Southern, Finger Foods/Apps, Greek, Middle Eastern, Cajun, Any Other- would all be appreciated! Most of the Big shopping will be done at Sam's Club- But i do plan on cooking as well... (And I have a HUGE group of friends already willing to help cook/ store stuff)! Drink Ideas also very welcome! Thanks in Advance!!! BTW, I'm not rich, but have time to put away some $$$ for the Event! Thanks again- Christy


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