I've made some pret-ty big mistakes in my time, but none are more hilarious than some that have happened in my kitchen. Especially before I properly labeled my spice containers.

One pretty hilarious incident happened when my close friend from back home in Oregon came to visit me here in Italy. All of my store bought spices are labeled in Italian, naturally, and she wanted very much to bake me an apple pie. Without smelling the spices first, she thought that Cipolla in Polvere meant Ginger Powder instead of Onion Powder. So it wasn't until after the whole filling was mixed together and started smelling like onion that she called me into the kitchen and asked me how to fix it. After LOLing like you wouldn't believe we tried to wash off the apple pieces and start over. She re-did the spices and filling, baked the pie, and it STILL came out smelling and tasting terribly like Onion. I muscled down a slice to make her feel good but when she left I threw the whole pie out.

What are your best kitchen oopsie moments?


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