Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe?

Hi SE-ers,

I've been making more and more pizzas at home, and though I've got a long way to go, the last few pizzas to come out of my oven I've been pretty happy with. And now that me and future Mrs. CTMike have been enjoying those pizzas... she throws me a curve with a request for a whole wheat pizza dough. Getting me out of my comfort zone!

What I'd love is an honest to goodness, crisp on the outside, light and chewy on the inside, flavorful pizza crust (that just happens to be whole wheat). One that I can make in my home oven - ie, 550 degrees on a pizza stone. Is such a thing possible? I'd prefer some combination of just flour, water, salt, and yeast... (that's how mama taught me how to make pizza dough... with a nod to dmcavanaugh!)... but I'm not too familiar with whole wheat flour, and if the results are better with other additions then so be it!

I saw some success over in the pizzamaking.com forums, but that seemed to involve higher than home oven temps... unless I (quite possibly) was missing something.

Any help you can offer would be great!

Thanks, CTMike


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