What to drink for a beer-less St. Patrick's Day?

So, St. Patrick's Day is (of course) tomorrow, and I'm left with a dilemma. I'd be more than happy to imbibe my fair share of Guiness with my corned beef and Irish stew, but I have a teensy problem--a big fat hops intolerance. So much as one sip of beer and my stomach goes completely out of whack.

I'm accustomed to drinking stronger things than beer, but I admit that I'm a bit of a wimp and can't handle straight whiskey, and also can't drink any Bailey's (curse you, lactose-intolerance!). What would the great people of Serious Eats recommend for a good day of Irish-style drinking? I'd definitely be willing to mix whiskey into drinks if that isn't too impure for a true St. Pat's Day. :P


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