Sushi, if it is of the highest quality and fresh it should be amazing, a treat for the eyes and mouth, delicious, colorful, it offers a great variety of fish and styles, so it's versatile and yet...I just don't get it.

The fact is I've never disliked sushi. I'm even quite positive I've had good sushi, which is to say fresh and doesn't smell like a chum bucket or a bag of arse.

I have had sushi many times both as an appetizer, and as an entire meal. I have never had "bad" sushi, as eating raw fish is something I take pretty seriously. Well seriously enough that bargain sushi has always seemed a bit dubious to me.

I'd rather spend a few bucks extra for a place with a good reputation for sushi instead of a few dozen hours sweating, delirious and in a conundrum as to which end of my body I should be pointing at a commode.

Sushi tastes really good... but as an entire meal it just tastes of roughly the same textures and roughly the same flavors bite after bite. So to me it translates to palate fatigue...a term I had heard since culinary school but never really thought applied to anything until eating sushi.

So like I said it's not that I don't like sushi, I guess I just don't know sushi. No, I didn't have California rolls, and no I didn't have anything with cream cheese in it for all you naysayers out there. (Although I have before at one of "the best" sushi restaurants in Knoxville, TN...a proverbial hotbed of great sushi restaurants)

This was legitimate sushi from a legitimate sushi place where the people preparing it weren't named Kip or Ned. I can eat it fine, and it tastes fine... I just don't want it for an entire meal.

I'll be the first one to admit that I don't know all there is to know about sushi, and would be open to going for sushi with my Asian friends given the long as they're open to me being a bit ignorant and out of my depth with regards to Asian cuisine...and aren't afraid to pass the sake!

Thoughts, favorite styles, favorite fish?


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