Success at Last!!!!

I just have to say this, because it's been nearly 32 years in the making...finally, after many years and many *many* failures, I *finally* succeeded at making a delicious, light, airy, perfect pound cake!

This has been the bane of my existence for years, possibly decades. I can make a perfect pie crust, chocolate mousse, endless kinds of cookies, but for all this time, the simple, plain pound cake eluded me. I thought that I would never get it, but last night I finally did it! An almond cherry pound cake, complete with complementary almond glaze!!! I love it!

The down side? I brought it in to work and I am the only one that has even had a bite of it. :( Maybe no one like pound cake anymore?

On that note, what recent successes (possibly after many years of failure) have you recently had? And was it just a personal thing for you, like it was for me? Meaning that you wanted to get it right, just because it was eluding you? Or was there another reason (a request from a family member/friend) that made you try it just one more time?


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