Success Again!

Okay, so since I have been trying to really push myself into trying to make new things, out of the blue yesterday (okay, after reading David Lebovitz's book about Paris) I got inspired to try to make marshmallows for the very first time. This is my official *candy.* As in, having to use a candy thermometer and everything. So, I fully anticipated screwing it royally and potentially even burning down my house...and what happened...magic! This morning I awoke (you had to let them dry out overnight, I guess) to a beautiful tray of homemade maple-flavored marshmallows! I couldn't believe it!

So, now that I actually got pound cake to work and now this, I wanted to see what you would suggest for me to try next...maybe the third time is a real charm and I should try something very difficult, but I would love to hear your suggestions...

...and also...what should do with all of these marshmallows now? I feel like they are too pretty and cool to put in something or use for Krispie bars, but what are options that you might have?

And have any of you ever made them before? Are the tips and tricks for making them even better?


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