Sliced Mushroom RAGE!

Is it just me, or do the packages of sliced mushrooms in grocery stores anger others too?

Here's the scenario: you pick up a package of sliced mushrooms, with the assumption that said mushrooms are pre-washed. I mean, if they're not washed, the process of slicing them will have spread whatever filth is on them so thoroughly as to make them unwashable, right? And you can't wash mushroom slices anyway: they'd crumble into (still-kinda-filthy) confetti. But you read the entire label, just to make sure that it doesn't say the mushrooms require washing; and it doesn't say that anywhere on the label.

Then, when you get the cursed mushrooms home, and open the package, ON THE INSIDE there's another label indicating that the mushrooms need to be washed. Are you kidding?


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