Save yourself from a real kitchen disaster!

It was just a year ago we remodeled our kitchen. Put in solid hardwood floors throughout the downstairs, installed granite and other things. Friday night went down to the basement and there was water dripping from one of the canned lights, the carpet was saturated.

Long story short, the dishwasher has been leaking for at least 6 months. It was seeping under the hardwood flooring so I never noticed water although I now have an answer for my ear infection and eye infection that wouldn't go away.

My entire kitchen has been stripped down to the subflooring and that probably even has to go. Everything, including the cabinets have been removed. They broke the granite when they were taking that out. The basement was taken down to the studs.

This could have been avoided if I'd had a moisture detector under my dishwasher. I had one in the Cabinet under my kitchen sink, a lot of good that did me! Since this has happened to me I've talked to several other people who have had dishwashers leak and cause damage, although maybe not to the extent mine caused. By the way, my dishwasher is only 3 years old.

You can get 3 of these battery operated detectors for something like 35 bucks online. That's just a little cheaper than a brand new kitchen!! This isn't an advertisement, I'm not personally benefiting from the sale of moisture detectors, but heck, I'd said something to one of the contractors about getting more of them and he'd never heard of them so I thought I'd let all of you know who love your kitchen, Unless of course you want a new kitchen!!


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