Need a present idea!

I'm looking for a present idea for a chiropractor who has helped me out quite a bit, and figured that food is always appreciated. You guys have yet to fail me, so I figured I'd ask here! Here are the parameters: From what I've seen at chiro and PT offices in this area (and maybe other areas too, I don't know), it's probably better if it can be opened and shared at the office, rather than for him to take home and eat. He's also an athlete, so while dessert ideas are fine, I'd prefer not to give him Paula Deen Cake with five sticks of butter. Also, I'm a grad student in a small town, so recipes with expensive or hard to find ingredients and/or very time consuming recipes are out. Finally, I have no idea if there are any food allergies at the office, so I'm not sure what the etiquette is on that (I'm assuming it's a good idea to stay away from the potentially life threatening ones like nuts, but don't know what people generally expect as far as things like dairy and gluten). Thanks everyone!


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