Juice Cleanses: Fad or Beneficial?

Hello everyone! A friend of mine wants to do a juice cleanse (with me) and I am a little skeptical! I have a lot of questions and reservations so I am wondering if anyone can give me any information or testimonials. I have read about the perceived benefits everything from improving your immune system and organ functioning to weight loss, but I wonder if it really is beneficial. It seems to me that you would be cleaning out all of the good bacteria in your body; the bacteria that has been determined to be good for your digestion and what not. Furthermore, I wonder if it is really worth the inevitable torture of living off of juices (some of which, let's face it, probably don't taste that good) for a period of time.

I would want to start as small as possible with 3-5 days. I did a little research on what kinds of juices you use and found companies that actually sell the juices pre-made for a whopping $58 a day! That seems steep to me; can I make the juices to save money? How do I find out what to put in them, how much to make, etc?

As you can tell this whole concept is quite foreign to me so any information would be helpful! Thanks in advance!


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