Hot Garlic

Has anyone seen hot garlic that you can grow in your garden? I always thought about making it for society, but am not a gardener.

During the 80's the lady a few doors down from where I grew up had a garden. One year she accidentally planted the garlic too close to the hot peppers. It made hot garlic.

Well, she knows I like garlic and hot food. I got it all. It was FANTASTIC! Holy crap was it hot.. little tiny garlic bulbs with a crapload of hot pepper flavor.

I covered my pizza with them.

I'd love to buy some, but not that "garlic marinated in oil with hot spices" type stuff you see in the supermarket. This was just straight up garlic which I cooked with. I put whole pieces on my pizza. I may have roasted some, but hey it was a long time ago I sort of forget.


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