Dear Kenji, you've ruined everything!

Dear Kenji,

We all love you because you are a food expert and I'm fairly certain you know everything worth knowing and then some.

But your perfection comes at a cost...

I'm NEVER eating cod again.

You have taught me how to jazz up my ramen, make awesome snacks, you have eaten crappy food in the name of science (and so I wouldn't have to), and you answer all questions posed in the comments section of your articles.

You may know everything, but I prefer to nom my fish and chips in blissful ignorance.

And now I am panicked--what other creepy food facts do you know? what other foods are you about to ruin for me?

Let's get this over with the bandage off in one fell swoop, shall we?



P.S. feel free to post your gross food facts. It's best to compile my DO NOT EAT list all at once. :)


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