Bird's Eye Chilis

So, as penance for going to India without me, my wonderful fiance brought home bags and bags and bags of spices (I'm a very lucky girl...who may have also sent him with a very specific list). I have a pretty good idea of how to use everything he brought home; there's been a wealth of curry and chana masala and one very successful round of grilled tandoori chicken since his return. However, I have no idea what to do with the great big bag of whole dried bird's eye chili peppers he bought. I have about 4 cups worth. I know they're not going to go bad anytime soon, but I'd still like to figure out a good use for them. We both loooooove spicy foods. I'm talking tears in the eyes, sinus-clearing, major afterburn spicy. Any good recipe suggestions? Can I make hot sauce with them? Weaponize them as pepper spray? (Kidding, mostly). What to do with all the pepper-y goodness?


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