Anyone planning a Game of Thrones feast?

Like many, I'm counting the hours until tomorrow night's season 2 premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones. As readers of the series know, author George R.R. Martin uses a lot of ink to describe the meals -- plain and sumptuous -- that his characters are served. So I'm wondering what special dishes fans of the series are considering making for the event.

In my case, it'll be Cornish pasty (from this site). It's a bit of a reach, but the pasty contains turnips (aka 'neeps), which have always seemed like the vegetable mentioned most often in the books. I might even mash up some 'neeps for an extra side dish.

Peas are also mentioned with frequency, so I'm thinking of making Judy Collins' yellow split pea soup per the recipe that ran in Parade magazine a while back.

Lemon cakes would also be nice, but that will not happen.

Anyone else planning something special?


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