A littile bit about me

My passion for cooking brings me so much excitement and joy. To have the ability to cook for family, friends and people you never met before is one of the greatest accomplishments in the world to me. The best thing ever to me is having a few loud and rowdy friends over; have them complain that they're hungry and ready to eat. Jokes and insults are being thrown around the house; of course all out of love and laughter. Then those famous words come screaming out my mouth "THE FOOD IS READY". The line to the pots starts to form and one by the room begins to get quiet. The sound of forks hitting the plates and the looks on everyone's eyes fixated on their plates; not giving themselves time to breathe, because the taste of the food is so pleasing they're rushing to go back for seconds before there is no more to eat.

My grandmother, the greatest inspiration in cooking; I was always exciting to go to Grandma's to see what she was cooking. Maybe it was spinach chicken with rice, baked spaghetti or my favorite African dish "CASSAVA LEAF" yum yum! Watching her cook made me want to learn what she was putting in those pots to make me carve for more. Once I was old enough to start using the stove; I was in the kitchen burning my mother's favorite pots and pans making eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. After burning a few pots I was band from the use of the stove so I would toast my bread in the toaster add two slices of cheese to it. Then put in the microwave for a few seconds to have the cheese melt and would smash it down a little so I could throw it back in the toaster lol.


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