Your Dining Companions Faux Pas at the Table

So often, we gripe about waiters, service and food at restaurants but alot of times we the patrons can be guilty of some cringe-inducing moments ourselves.

I recently went to a local Mexican restaurant with a girlfriend and a female friend of hers, whom I didn't know. When asked if the girl liked Mexican food and would the restaurant be okay, she said of course, she loved Mexican food.

Well, that was clearly a lie as it became evident at the restaurant. She questioned the waiter to death, asking what were tacos, burritos, enchiladas, faijitas, etc. She finally settled on fajiitas but then did not know how to assemble them and didn't like the steak OR chicken she requested with them. She sends that back for a platter of beef tacos and complains about the lettuce, tomato and cheese, taking one bite and claiming it not to be fresh enough!!! (Keep in mind, this is a very popular Mexican joint with excellent food).

She sends that platter back for a plate of cheese enchiladas only .... EGADS, there's a hair in my food! The hair was clearly hers because she had been running her hands through it all nite and it was the same curl and color. (All servers and cooks had on hairnets btw). She complains to the mgmt who at this point, give her a new platter of food and comped her entire meal!

When it came time to pay the bill, we asked her to pay the tip since her food was free after all the damn complaining she did. She pulls out her wallet and says, "Oh sorry, ladies, I don't have any cash on me!" By this point, I'm STEAMING! We had to pay the bill plus the tip and she paid NOTHING but got to try 3 different platters of food and went home with a fresh platter!

Upon exiting the restaurant, I pulled my gf to the side and politely told her never to invite that penny-pinching, cheap winch out with me ever again! Looking back, I felt like it was her intention not to pay for anything at all the whole night!

That's my recent story...what are some of your diners faux pas


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