Would you want to know?

My SIL whom I love dearly was recently diagnosed with celiac, and she has been feeling much better with her new gluten free diet. I've cooked for her a couple of times, and I'm terrified that a stray gluten molecule has jumped into my carefully planned gluten free menus to make her sick. She once told me that she was sick after thanksgiving at her aunt's, but didn't say anything because she knew how hard her aunt had tried to make "safe" food for her. I'm just concerned because I am cooking gluten free 2% of the time, but there isn't any room for error. It makes vegan cooking in my omnivore kitchen seem easy.

My question to y'all is would you want to know if someone was "contaminated" after eating what you prepared? I would be mortified, but I think I would want to know so I could fix the problem. Any advice on dealing with an occasionally gluten free kitchen would be appreciated as well.


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