What to serve with bone marrow?

So I've decided that I'm going to finally take a crack at roasted bone marrow. Seems indulgent and fancy enough for a valentine's day meal, yeah?

I'd be content to call it good at that, but the guy I'm cooking for is a big eater, and this dinner falls on his one day off between week-long work trips of very long hours (bookended by very long drives), so I kind of feel the need to have more food on hand for a meal than just the marrow/bread/parsley salad.

So what goes well as another course? Or should I just go for a bigger quantity of the marrow/bread/parsley salad combo because I'm going to love it so much I won't want to eat anything else ... :P

(sidenote: I eat pretty much anything, and dude will eat anything I put in front of him [even eggplant - score!], so the only real restriction here is that it goes well with the marrow dish)


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