Wanted: New Idea: Chicken Thighs

We like chicken, especially the dark portions. Cut-up boneless thigh portions are our go-to for most chicken meat needs, from stir-fry to pot pies everything in between. A recent purchasing error has left us with a hefty quantity of **Bone-In** (skin-on) chicken thighs. We have worn out the simple, baked, fried and grilled options and we need t o expand our horizons a bit. The remaining stock still has to be used, duh. The only idea that we won't consider is skinning and boning the thighs and adding them to our stash of boneless meat, as we already have plenty. Roasting/Baking is just fine, but we want to move beyond simple poultry seasoning and have a little more fun. Braises, casseroles, baking - whatever you can think of, we will probably try. I guess we've got flavor and method block in progress. With your help, we can break through it and resume eating well. There are precious few flavors and ingredients that we do not like, so virtually everything will receive serious consideration. Complete recipes are welcome - just as are simple combination ideas. We are competent cooks and we can easily develop a method. **All** suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


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