Sneaky Skinny - Healthy Tips That Don't Scrimp on Satisfaction

I have some of my own, but I'd love to hear yours. Example: Tacos. If I buy the store kits (shells, seasoning & sauce), here's my game plan: 1. Use ground turkey or chicken AND bulk up the filling with diced onion and peppers (beans, rice or corn work too). Use seasoning mix as directed but don't add water because the veggies sweat. (I add garlic and jalepeno too). If liquid is needed, I use the sauce packet provided. 2. For assembly, sub plain, fat-free Greek yogurt for sour cream (I've faked out so many people who still don't know!); sub spinach or other fiber-rich green instead of nutrient-void iceberg; salsa; and... 3. Put reduced-fat (never fat free - yuck) shredded cheese directly on hot filling so it melts without weird consistency 4. Save the leftover shells and filling: Repurpose it the next night as a Taco salad: heated filling goes on a bed of greens and veggies; mix salsa and yogurt for a fat-free dressing; crumble shells on top and sprinkle with lime juice, cilantro, etc. to brighten it up.

What are your "Healthy Hoaxes" that don't compromise flavor and satisfaction?


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