Recipe for "Ginger Wine" or "Ginger Liquor"?

Don't you hate it when someone has a recipe, but won't share it with you? I'm sort of okay with that, but I even offered to buy ingredients to make a batch and offered to give her money as well. She won't make any more.

This old Indian lady at work made the best "Ginger Wine" or "Ginger Liquor" I've ever had. She won't tell me what's in it. She packaged it in a bunch of little nip sized liquor bottles and gave us each one about 2 years ago. It was so tasty I still think about it.

It wasn't really wine.. I've had wine before. Wine tastes like wine. I recently bought some ginger wine in the liquor store. It had a strong wine taste.

The stuff this lady made I'd say is more like a ginger syrup, but alcoholic. She gave it to us at work and I promptly tasted it. I was sipping it throughout the day because I didn't want the taste to leave my mouth, but I also didn't want the bottle to be empty. She originally told us it was alcoholic, then said it wasn't. But I think she was just saying that because we were at work.

Recently when we were at a party we were talking about some guacamole she made and I said something about the ginger again. She said it was a recipe from her Mom back in India. I commented to her Husband that I offered to pay for the ingredients and give her some cash. She chimed in saying you're not going to give me enough money, because it's something you have to watch it or it could turn into vinegar.

It went down smooth.. I didn't taste alcohol in it.

Anyone have some sort of recipe or is there a product I can look for or have my local liquor store order?


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