Help Me Shop in South Florida (Boca Raton) and surrouding areas)

I am relocating to Boca Raton,FL (from Manhattan). Food-wise,I am as spoiled as they come. I'm not even referring to the plethora of restaurants NYC has to offer.I'm talking about the orgy of ethnic grocery/supermarkets that we have at our fingertips. I'm just sayin',it's really easy for us NY'ers to take that for granted.

Besides Publix and your occasional specialty market,can you guys help tell me where I will be shopping? I'm looking for the places you would get excited to shop at in South Florida (mainly between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale as the closer to Boca,the better! Thx!

Examples for what I need:

Butcher (prime meats)- Like one that would grind a custom blend to order.

Fruit and Vegetable Markets- Hopefully,an inexpensive one that has a huge variety.

Pasta- Ideally,a place that sells fresh made pasta.

Bakery- Mainly for breads.

Ethnic/Specialty markets- For my Asian,Spanish,Indian,and Middle eastern ingredients.

Fish- I would love to know where the best fish markets are,or even better-if anyone knows where you can buy the freshest fish possible (like right off the boats at the marina) that would be sweet.

Cheeses- Where can I get my cheese fixes without having to go to Whole Foods?

Appetizings- Like smoked salmon (lox),etc.

Kosher-I have kosher relatives down there,so if you anyone knows any good ones,that would be great too.

Thanks, I'll be sure post an update one I move down there next month.


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