Help - Finger food for a young crowd - for Saturday!

I need to figure out finger food for a crowd of teenagers, up to 100 people.

I'm a board member for a small non-profit group that is trying to bring the arts to our small community. We've been booking performances featuring area music groups (jazz, blues, folk) and we also provide some food. Typically with have cookies, crackers and cheese, coffee, and hot water with tea bags and hot chocolate mix. But this Saturday we are having a different kind of performance - it's a group of High School Juniors that play classic rock. We expect a much younger crowd and we had talked about providing different snacks, but never got down to specifics. This morning I got an email saying they wanted me to figure it out. Chips and dip/salsa was suggested, but we have a carpeted floor and I worry that it might be messy. We have the food out when people arrive and there's usually an intermission, so food that tastes best warm will not work well, as we don't have kitchen facilities.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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