Fridge Door Left Wide-Open All Night

I did a search of the topics with several different search variations and didn't quite come up with anything specific enough to be of use so I'm hoping fellow SE'ers can give me a hand here. Last night my youngest son inadvertantly left the fridge door open all night. Wide open. I discovered this when I went into the kitchen approx 11-12 hrs later. Everything in the fridge was warm. Like WARM WARM. The door wasn't ajar so even the glass bottles for condiments felt like they'd been sitting on the counter all night. I threw out all the perishables - dairy (full unopened gallon of milk - oy), meats, etc. - but am wondering about the jars and bottles of condiments. The sauerkraut? Yeah, I threw that. But since this isn't a matter of "do you keep it in the pantry or the fridge" but rather - it was all in the fridge and came up to room temp for quite some time....should I play it safe and toss it all? I have jars of ethnic sauces, jars of pickles, olives, Hawaiian chili pepper water, pickled garlic, char siu sauce, homemade chicken stock, rendered drippings from the Xmas bone-in ribeye roast. I don't want to risk food poisoning (I have Ogilvie Syndrome = very sensitive digestive tract to bacteria) but am cringing at the $ loss here to say the least. Any suggestions or links to a previous Talk topic I may not have found in my initial search are welcome!


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