England In Less Than A Month - I need some help!

Okay Serious Eaters. I'm not usually all that talkative but for this one I decided to step forward and ask for some help because I really don't want to lose out.. And I totally need it. Bigtime.

So, next month, February 23 to be exact, I'm going to England for 10 days. Obviously, I'm a proud food lover (particularly baking and sweets) and I need some advice on where I absolutely must go and what to do while I'm there and I'm hoping you guys can chime in.

I don't really have an itinerary planned as of yet but I know I'll be in London for a few days (only for the food!) and I'll be around the Swindon and Bath area as well.

I have a few places planned for London (a gelato shop, ottolenghi and a few other places) but I don't know where to look for advice for the lesser known areas I'm going or even good London food. I'm really hoping to find a few independent grocery stores/delis that specialize in small supplier goods (chutney, honey and such) and I swear I saw one in London on TV but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

But, more than anything, I'm hoping that I can get a few restaurant suggestions here. Bakeries, pubs, ice cream shops any type of restaurant... Pretty much anything! And any foodie must-dos while I'm in London and anywhere else.

Does anyone have a restaurant they absolutely love? Or a grocery? Delis? Bakeries?

I'm open to any suggestions at all!

- Eve


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