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I was hoping to get some inspiration from other SE'ers out there, if you have any for me...

Long story short, I am currently in a position at my job where I might not have one soon, because of some re-organization going on around here (this is my fourth time in five years and I have already been laid off once from this company, so I am not holding out much hope). Given all of that, and since I am still fairly young, have no family/kids/pets or even house plants, I have been talking with some friends and family and have been seriously contemplating starting a small catering business based around the following premise: I would like to offer baking services to people for their family gatherings, such as first communions, graduations, funerals/wakes, etc. The times where people have other things that they need to concern themselves with, and don't have the time/energy to bake things themselves (I would also do basic other foods, but probably nothing fancy starting out).

In order to get some things started on it (business cards, website, etc) I need to come up with a name that works well. I was hoping that some of you might give me some inspiration for names or suggest places to look for inspiration. I have a few ideas, but nothing that so far seems to really click with me. Any help is much appreciated!


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