Best way to do a toddler pizza party?

Asking for a friend ...

Said friend wants to do a pizza party for two toddler boys. They're too young to do much more than probably top the pizza with their favorite toppings. Mom will be stretching out the dough, probably saucing it, then letting them cheese and top it.

Her request: A dough that you can stretch/roll in advance (like the night before), so there's little prep on the day of. She'd be making "mini" pizzas (about 5 or 6 inches diameter).

As far as I know, she doesn't have a pizza stone.

Has anyone here done anything like this? How would you approach this? How would you cook the pizza?

My advice was to do a basic NYC-style dough (Kenji recipe), let it cold-rise a couple days, then divide it, stretch, and re-refrigerate (she requested a "no-knead" recipe). I think the bulk rise scared her off.

So basically looking for something EASY. Maybe just a frozen pizza dough or a dough bought from a pizzeria?


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