Aging Wine

I'll admit I know very little about wine. It's always been something that intrigued me but the breadth of information has always discouraged me from learning about wines with any depth. I know that I generally like white wines better than reds. And sweeter wines better than dry wines. That usually gets me far enough that I can pick a wine for the weekend.

However, I am getting married next year and my guy and I would like to get a bottle of wine that we could open at some anniversary in the future. It would be cool if it was something bottled the same year. But, this raises a lot of questions for me, because I don't think you can just do that with any bottle of wine, right?

Do you have any guidelines or advice for something like this? Will we be able to keep it 5, 10, 25, or 50 years? Can I get something local (New England) or even from North America? What storage techniques do we need to know?



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