What do I do with yet more Eye of Round Steaks?

Normally, about 75% of our meat comes from a local butcher shop - and I wait until I get there to plan any meat-based meals based on what looks good that day. But between bad weather and having been sick for a bit, my husband (who really doesn't do the shopping, for reasons that will soon become evident) picked up meat for the week while out with his mom tonight at Sam's Club. For the 5th time, when asked to grab a small package of beef, no roasts, no eye of round steak cuts - again (we have now SIX packages of the ruddy things in the freezer, he keeps "oopsing") and yet again...

I have round hockey pucks, I mean "Eye of Round Steaks" that are a good inch or so thick. Somehow asking for round steak or sirloin ends up with him blindly grabbing "well, they ARE round" these dreadful things instead. I can cook a nice eye of round ROAST once in a while to slice thin for sandwiches - but I'm completely at a loss for ideas on using the steak cuts. No fat (but lovely grisle running down the centers of each) to make the most of in slow cooking. Too chewy/tough for quick - I'm at my wits end. 99% of the recipes I've found online call for cans of condensed soup or dried onion soup mixes - but because of celiac, those convenience items are right out. I refuse to waste them, and I CAN'T chuck them in the freezer. I've done that already and have more lurking waiting for a good recipe.

Help me make something tasty? And if you have any ideas on how to get my spousal unit to STOP BUYING THE DRATTED THINGS (sorry, sorry. I just feel like I'm entering into a loop of madness from the repetitive "Please don't buy, whatever you do, this" followed by yet another tray of these things.) short of installing some sort of electric shock delivering type device that goes off when he reaches for another package of the blasted things. Everything I've tried thus far ends up gray, fibrous, hockey pucks of doomy-doom-doom. Even dicing small has failed me.

Help? Please?


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