What are YOUR Game Day Sandwich Choices?

FOr important game days, some do hot food, some do parades of cold snacks and many of us rely on platers of contents for the ultimate Dagwood sandwich. If you serve the platters of sandwich components, WHAT do you offer? What breads, what meats and cheeses, condiments, sides and whatevers? If you track the details, what is your budget or cost per head? At Cedarglen, I offer three breads (one homemade), a hefty, sourdough white, a soft whole grain and my own light, mixed grain bread - It looks white. I offer thin slices of roast beef, turkey and ham - none of it the 'boiled, packaged type' Swiss, provolone and (sorry) Amerikan cheese - becasue some like it. Trimmed leaves of lettuce are provided - I use butter lettuce when I can get it, otherwise Romaine sans stems. Mayo, mustard, butter, horseradish are on the table. Two kinds of pickle slices - to fit sandwiches (sweet and serious dills) as well as a big knife to whop the Dagwood into half or third portions. Sure, sliced tomatoes are available as well, and plenty of napkins. Sides include a sour slaw, green salad and spicy extras like Kalamata olives, onions, cured fish and tons of stick veggies to dip into two or three choices. Frankly, I'd rather cook/serve than watch the game and my friends understand my quirks. Beer is BYOB to share and we never lack. If anything, what am I missing? None of seems to like sweet desserts, so I skip it. Again, what am I missing? How could I make this annual feast better? Thanks!


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