Treating a new cutting board?

We just bought an Ikea cutting board (more like a chopping block) that I'm so chuffed about, but having unveiled the packaging, the instructions indicate that we need to oil it prior to use, with one of their Swedish "Bahandala treatment oils". Or whatever overpriced oil they are shilling.

Right. Well, getting to Ikea is sort of a vision quest, since it's so out of the city for us. Plus, my brain-stem nearly caught on fire tonight after navigating its maze, enduring other peoples kids' temper tantrums, and waiting in the huge line at the cashier. Evil.

So, how have you seasoned / cleaned / readied your brand new wooden chopping block? I consulted the almighty googler, but my eyes start crossing after having to click more than twice for a definitive answer (the only thing I came away with, was not to treat with cooking oil, since it will turn rancid over time).

What are your personal cheap and easy solutions to oiling / caring for a new wood chopping block?

PS: It's made of beech wood, if that matters (can't wait to start murdering on it! :)


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