Taking the Cookie-Stuffed Cookie...One Level Deeper

Since last February, we've all marvelled at Adam's Cookie-Stuffed Cookie where an Oreo is stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie. But is there a way to get more cookie goodness inside of it? It's an enigma wrapped in mystery stuffed inside cookie dough. After pondering this dilemma for many a moon, I believe that I have cracked the three level cookie quandry. The secret is...Biscoff Spread. Biscoff Spread is basically peanut butter with ground up Biscoff cookies instead of peanuts. I plan on making the Fauxreos using Bravtart's recipe, but instead of using vanilla cream, I will be using Biscoff Spread to fill my cookie. Is this madness or genius, I do not know. I'm not even sure that a cookie-in-a-cookie-in-a-cookie won't cause the apocalypse. But I will find out and it will be delicious.


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